Commission an Illustration

I illustrate anything, I can make a bespoke piece for you to any size, or you can choose from one of my prints or suggested formats below.

Commissions aren’t scary – all you need to do is give me a buzz on 07890328543, or send me an email to, I’ll send you a quote and a list of what I need (some photos and maybe some ideas for text) then you leave it a couple of weeks and all of a sudden you’ll have a beautiful illustration to keep forever! Simple as that! Go on, you know you want to…

A few of my favourite things

“A few of my favourite things” watercolour illustrations.

These are bespoke illustrations of children (or grown-ups!), featuring some of their special things and places, they can be pictured wearing a special outfit, with their pets or children can hold their cuddlies.

They make a lovely gift for Grandparents, Mums and Dads, newly-weds or for the wall at home!

The price is for one child/adult, if you’d like more people included that’s absolutely fine, extra figures or pets are £15 each.

All I need are some pictures of the lucky person, and if you would like a cuddly or pet included some pictures of them too, as well as a list of their favourite things and their full name. It works really well if there’s a special place I can paint as a background for them (eg. the beach, the woods, the garden etc), or if you prefer there can be no background at all.

Dimensions: 20cm x 20cm or A4+ depending on number of figures
Price: £60 unframed, or £80 in a simple white wooden frame

Classes & groups

Looking for an illustration of your child’s class or club – these are perfect! Hand-drawn watercolour illustrations with multiple copies available as prints.

Lovely as an end of term gift for a special teacher, or a memento of a brilliant trip, these illustrations are a wonderful keep-sake.

The perfect gift for teachers

Prices start at £90, I will need to send you an individual quote depending on the number of people and size. If you would like copies to be available as prints this is absolutely fine – often parents like to have their own copy to keep as well as giving the original to the teacher – additional prints are available at £15 each, prices may change depending on size.

I will need pictures of the class, ideally in a few group shots so that I can get heights right. I need plenty of notice for these illustrations so please book in well in advance.

Dimensions: 20cm x 20cm or A4+ depending on number of figures
Price: Prices start at £90 unframed, please contact me for a quote –

Bespoke pen & ink illustrations

Pen & ink bespoke illustration 

The perfect gift for ANYBODY!

Do you know someone who really has everything… here we are – a bespoke illustration, featuring their favourite bits and bobs, hobbies, interests, significant places and foods – anything you like!

These original illustrations are made to order (you provide a list of interests or reference photos). They come printed onto 350gsm watercolour paper, and the illustration is then hand finished with pen & ink and gouache paint.

These gorgeous illustrations start at £90 unframed, and can be framed by me in a white wooden frame if you’d like (for an additional charge). I will need to quote for all bespoke illustrations as every one is different!

The finished illustration is printed onto premium watercolour paper & hand finished. Size depends on you – in the past they have been A4, A3, 16″ x 10″, and A2 – whatever suits you!

Dimensions: A4+ 
Price: from £90 unframed, or from £120 in a simple white wooden frame

Watercolour Portrait Illustration

The portrait illustration is a simple, stylish representative of your child. Drawn in pencil then painted in watercolour.

One child per portrait.

Dimensions: 17.5 x 12.5cm (7” x 5”)
Price: £45 unframed, or £65 in a simple white wooden frame.