malaysia sketches

card designs

I’ve been working hard trying to get some saleable items together – I’ve done a few watercolours over the last month or so that needed a bit of jigging around, and I’m sending off for card & fine art print proofs for them to sell in my online shop soon.

Today I’ve been finishing off 5 card designs, 3 nursery themed, one is the nonna one and then the first of the pedigree dogs. I’ve also been working on a painting of my parents’ house that’s starting to come together well. I’d love to do some more houses, it’s really satisfying to be so precise.

I’m in a real dilemma at the moment with my artwork, it’s hard to maintain focus when you work on your own and I miss seeing lots of people at work… but I love painting and designing…

little red riding hood mermaid robin hood nonna in the summertime