Portrait of Fred

I’ve been working on a looser watercolour style and decided to try out a portrait of Fred from an image I took of him a couple of weeks ago. It began as a pencil study and ended up as a big watercolour, I’m pleased with it (apart from the hair), and it feels like cheeky Fred, but I want to try again and see if I can keep the lightness as well as the strong colours – it’s a bit muddy.



Image credit: Lucian Freud ‘Woman in a White Shirt’ 1957 

I want to use the broken colours and shapes that Freud combines to give an earthy fleshiness to his paintings of skin. It’s exciting to try…

Norfolk cliffs

I’ve been working up some of my sketches into more finished pieces, also loving catching up on the SkyArts Portrait Artist of the Year series and learning loads from watching their techniques – especially loving the drip paintings as you can see…

The first sketch was done in situ using pen and coloured chalk pencils, then I worked the cliffs up in watercolour and finally added a dark black/blue layer using a thick watercolour mix and drawing with a stick. I’m really pleased with the vitality of the finished piece.

I got the idea from watching Nick Lord use drips to add texture to his large scale pieces


Image credit: Nick Lord “Queenie”

I tried out the stick technique on a couple of old watercolours I did after a trip to Salamanca last year, that have been waiting for stage 2


malaysia sketches

surface pattern design

I’ve started a course in surface pattern design to see how I get on – I love pattern and colour and having had a go at the knitted bits and pieces I thought I’d try and expand my photoshop/illustrator skills and see what I can do…

so it’s been a very busy week trying to keep up with the exercises whilst entertaining two small children on the second week of half term (!!!), here is a bit of this weeks work, including my first ever patterns. I’m really pleased with them considering I’ve only just started, I thought they looked a bit Quentin Blake-y which is exactly what I was going for, next week we are doing more about adding colour, so I should be able to do more complicated layers. Very exciting!