Collage with Mark Hearld

As mentioned in my earlier post about paste paper & marbling, I spent a very happy 2 days earlier in the summer with the staggeringly talented Mark Hearld. We watched him absentmindedly snipping miniature horses from scraps of waste paper with his tiny nail scissors, we rifled through his personal paper stash, piled high with hand printed fragments, calligraphy and paste paper. We listened as he explained the dark secrets of collage, mesmerised by his fluttering fingers which would spring to life producing charming shapes and structures from the most mundane of cartridge paper.

Mark Hearld is truly a magical genius and I would have paid good money to sit in his studio and sit quietly watching as masterpieces flowed from his fingers like he was born to it.

AND he’s married to the lovely Emily Sutton, who knew! And we collect her books, have 5 of her prints, one of which is beloved and up on my daughter’s bedroom wall. Blimey. Literally like meeting a rock star.

Anyway, so I loved every minute, and tried very hard to scratch the surface of collage, but it’s so very difficult to do. A good collage combines light and dark, depth, complimentary colours, paintwork over cut sections, just the right amount of detail, a focal point, and good sticking (PVA). I found the process really challenging, but I absolutely loved it. Here’s what I produced while I was on site, I plan to do lots more, I rushed myself so I’m hoping to make some more considered collages in the studio.