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babies babies babies

Some new work today - lots of friends have had babies recently/are expecting, so I'm working on babies designs! Today I did a card design and a box repeat... here goes...

patterns and new kit

my laptop's been on its last legs for some time so finally I've made the leap to a Mac, which is quite a learning curve at the moment. I'm trying to keep up with my surface pattern course at the same time as preparing for a craft fair and setting…

surface pattern design

I've started a course in surface pattern design to see how I get on - I love pattern and colour and having had a go at the knitted bits and pieces I thought I'd try and expand my photoshop/illustrator skills and see what I can do... so it's…

recent watercolours

I had a go at a house portrait and a portrait of my little lad looking smart in his new gear, there are a few work in progress sketches here too - I was really pleased with the house portrait, so I want to do more of those too..!

personalised illustrations

I've been making some personalised illustrations of my daughter and a couple of her friends, I really like the format so I definitely want to do some more.

card designs

I've been working hard trying to get some saleable items together - I've done a few watercolours over the last month or so that needed a bit of jigging around, and I'm sending off for card & fine art print proofs for them to sell in my online…


I've been working on a new blanket design with Jack Russells, I think it will translate well to a square card, so I've tightened it up a bit on photoshop. I've put the whole process in here from original sketch to photoshop designs but the blanket…

Lovely Nonna

This hot weather has me thinking about lazy summers spent in Italy with my Italian 'family' and I found myself drawing Nonna under an olive tree. Her real name is Dina, and she's run the family restaurant for the last 60 years. She built it…