Lovely Nonna


This hot weather has me thinking about lazy summers spent in Italy with my Italian ‘family’ and I found myself drawing Nonna under an olive tree. Her real name is Dina, and she’s run the family restaurant for the last 60 years. She built it with her husband, and this Summer is the first of her retirement, having closed the beloved restaurant at New Year.

Nonna can make pasta without looking, while she natters to you over a hot chocolate. Her kitchen is the size of a small garden shed. The restaurant had no menu and Nonna’s daughters, son in law and grandchildren all helped to cook, fetch wine, waitress and clean it. The family lived above in several apartments, still do. Wine was brought to the table in unlimited quantities. When it is time for our small family to go home again after our regular fortnight round the corner, Nonna bursts into tears. I love her dearly, and I hope she’s putting her feet up in the sunshine, enjoying the benefits of being 80+ in Italy.

nonna in the summertime

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